Bacin – Little Baci di Dama

Made with toasted Tonda Gentile Three-Lobed hazelnuts (Nocciola Piemonte I.G.P.) and dark chocolate


Extra virgin olive oil

Genuine organic extra virgin olive oil directly from the producer


Moka Pots - The Italian Coffee Makers

Created for making coffee according to original Italian tradition


Cappuccino made with local farmhouse milk

When milk is delivered from a zero km distance, it can only be the most awesome cappucino coffee



Genuine natural honey straight from the Bee Keeper


Modica Chocolate by Nacré

A traditionally antique chocolate, made with pure cocoa and organic cane sugar


Neapolitan 100% Arabica Coffee - Caffen

ellsey dolly personally selected blends to buy and enjoy at home

Coffee & Moka made in Italy

We at ellsey dolly have taken the time to select for our customers, genuine Italian coffee from Naples and real Italian Moka Pots of the highest of standards

Our small Italian artisan suppliers remain true to tradition, using only quality raw materials and environmentally sustainable production processes.

Would you like to send a gift to someone special? Choose from our selection of coffees and moka pots and we will do the rest.

Contact us on WhatsApp for your requests.

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ellsey dolly

Synonymous with research, value and tradition.

ellsey dolly was born with the intent to rediscover and enhance the art of Italian artisans of taste who, thanks to their hard work, transform excellent raw materials into tasty and genuine excellence.


Each product you will find has been chosen to create a store of excellence of Italian food and wine. Each company has been selected for its commitment to safeguarding the Italian product and the territory from which it comes.

Choose, buy, taste

Choose the products you want from different Italian companies and receive them in one order. We will inform you immediately about the delivery time, which we respect according to the needs of producers: the products are packaged fresh to arrive at your home in excellent quality conditions, as if you had purchased them directly from their hands.

In search of the perfect coffee blend

Naples: in the roasting company Caffen the morning air is impregnated with the intense aroma of freshly roasted coffee beans, mostly 100% Arabica.
After a visit to the plant, we are served a cup of coffee: consistent foam, full taste and not at all acidic, pleasant aftertaste to the palate.
We fall in love with it.
Here begins a process of research and selection of different qualities of coffee, working on their roasting.
Our blend is born: ellsey dolly custom Caffen coffee..
Coffee that you can enjoy in our cafeteria in Borgomanero or buy to enjoy at home at any time of your day.

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