If you are a lover of good extra virgin olive oil, it is important to learn to recognise its quality in order to understand if an extra virgin olive oil is genuine and can be safely consumed.

Here are some simple tips to find out if an extra virgin olive oil is of quality

1.The fluidity: pour a tablespoon of oil into a glass and shake it. A good olive oil has a medium-low fluidity. If the oil is very fluid it may not be a good sign.

2. Smell: once the glass has been shaken and heated a little, smell it. If you perceive scents of olive, grass, fruit and vegetables, it is very likely that the oil is good!

3. The right flavour: a good olive oil to be of quality should taste of fresh flavours of raw nuts and vegetables, fresh grass or dry hay, with an aftertaste of spiciness and slight bitterness. Try it and if you perceive these types of flavour and taste you can be sure that you have bought a quality oil!

Our delicate tasting and genuine organic extra virgin olive oil comes directly from the producer, Dario Toscani, who firmly maintains the family tradition of Olive tree farming, handed down from father to son, located in the rolling hills of Teramo, close to the Adriatic Sea, in the Abruzzo region. 

Discover our oil and take home a high quality extra virgin olive oil!