Italy is well known for its coffee. There are in fact several roasting companies throughout its different regions, of which some have become famous coffee brands in several parts of the world. The different blends (in Italian “miscele”), are basically a mix of Arabica and Robusta coffee beans originating from the different coffee growing continents, namely Central and South America, Africa, India and Indonesia. Each company roasts its different blends to acquire the desired balance and taste depending on market trends, culture and demand. 

Coffee in Italy is a treasured culture and part of the way of life. Whilst choice of blend can depend on many factors, (caffeine content, flavour, crema, price), quality at an affordable price are two vital elements which cannot be overlooked when choosing good Italian coffee.

Exactly two years ago ellsey dolly, after many years of business in the line of coffee, finally found Caffen from Naples, our perfect partner, who today is helping to make all our wishes come true.☺️