Acacia Honey



500 g



Sweet smelling with a delicate taste, this honey has a typically liquid aspect. It is particularly suitable for children and babies, especially if they have bronchial and gastrointestinal problems, provided that it is not pasteurised. Its richness in levulose makes it tolerable, in small doses by diabetics. It is also mildly laxative.


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Acacia honey is light golden in colour, transparent and of liquid consistency.
It can remain liquid for a very long time, thanks to its high concentration of fructose compared to glucose. In contrast, honeys that have a lower fructose / glucose ratio tend to crystallize more quickly.
Delicate aroma and flavour of flowers, vanilla and completely characteristic.


Apicoltura Pitarresi

 In 1990, the company was founded from the passion for observing bees, which had been conducted for many years on a non-professional level. Nomadic beekeeping means that a wide area of nature can be covered, allowing the production of different qualities of honey such as acacia, millefiori, chestnut and linden. The Pitarresi company also produces propolis and a certain amount of royal jelly and pollen.