Assorted Pistachio, Almond and Hazelnut Pastry Swirls





400 gr

Delicious assorted Pistachio, Almond and Hazelnut pastry swirls.






Ingredients: pistachio flour (60%), hazelnut flour (60%), almond flour (60%), sugar, egg white, glucose, sorbitol, preservative E202 potassium sorbate. Allergens: ingredients contained can cause reactions in allergic or intolerant people.

May contain traces of other nuts.

Store in a cool, dry place




Giulio and Vincenzo Bonfissuto, continue to affirm their talent and passion for the great Sicilian pastry. Their path and the development of their gastronomic project hasn't  got overly “ancient” roots given the young age, but exudes all the millenary tradition that the art of Sicilian pastry brings as a dowry and that seems to be genetically innate in who, like the Bonfissuto brothers, make use of years of experience in the catering world. The mix of youthful enthusiasm and technical rigour lead to the development of recipes and creations that revisit without "offending" the patrimony of Sicilian pastry and some of the typical desserts from the Italian tradition such as Panettone.