Chestnut Honey



500 g



This honey derives from either nectar or honeydew and is dark brown in colour, ranging from light walnut to almost black walnut. It has a strong and pungent scent and typically bitter taste, sometimes with a viscous consistency. It is particularly rich in mineral salts, hence excellent for those who practice sport and is helpful for treating anemia, fatigue and problems with being overweight. Also good for those with respiratory ailments and poor blood circulation.


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Chestnut honey tends to maintain its liquid form due to its high level of fructose. It crystalizes very slowly, but not in a regular way. Its colour is a dark amber with a reddish green tint. When crystalizing it becomes a mahogany colour.
The honey has an intense fragrance, is not very sweet, with a long lasting almost bitter taste.


Apicoltura Pitarresi

 In 1990, the company was founded from the passion for observing bees, which had been conducted for many years on a non-professional level. Nomadic beekeeping means that a wide area of nature can be covered, allowing the production of different qualities of honey such as acacia, millefiori, chestnut and linden. The Pitarresi company also produces propolis and a certain amount of royal jelly and pollen.