Doro Aged Gin



70 cl



Product Classification: distillate obtained from an infusion of alcohol grain, Sardinian wild juniper berries and other botanicals.
Product Origin: Sardinia, Italy.
Ingredients: fresh berries from Sardinian wild juniper trees (Juniperus Communis), Sage, Myrtle leaves, Mastic, Helicrysum, Artemisia, lemon & Orange peel, alcohol, water.
Method of Production: infusion of Sardinian wild juniper berries with the other botanicals for 30 days in alcohol obtained from cereals. Slow craft distillation with the discontinuous method for about 10 hours, via steam boiler and copper still.
Aging: follows for 12 months in old chestnut barrels
Colour: light yellow gold, crystalline.
Aromas: characteristic smell of Sardinian juniper berries, sage, resin, vanilla, citrus and sensational scents of Mediterranean plants.
Taste: opulent, smooth and persistent, with toasted hazelnut
notes, herbs and bitter almonds.
Certificates: IFS Food, BRC Global Standard for Food Safety.

Alcohol Percentage: 44 °

Bottle capacity: 70 Cl.

Stopper: natural Cork with plastic heading


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Doro Aged Gin is a distillate obtained from an infusion process in alcohol obtained from cereal, wild juniper berries (Juniperus Communis) and other botanical plants of Sardinia (Salvia Desoleana, Myrtle leaves, Lentisco, Artemisia, lemon and orange peel). The infusion, which lasts about 30 days, is followed by slow distillation using the artisan method, that is to say, a steam boiler and a copper still. The Gin is then aged in old chestnut barrels for 12 months, from which it acquires a clear yellow colour, full of golden reflections.


Pure Sardinia

Pure Sardinia is a company from the island of Sardinia,  located in the middle of Mediterranean sea, created to offer to lovers of liqueurs and spirits around the world unique products, made mainly from raw materials of extraordinary quality, pure and 100% natural.  Sardinia has few equals in the world: here people have lived for thousands of years with an enviable quality of life, rooted traditions and culture about wine and food, handed down from father to son until today. Not by chance Sardinia is the leader of the five Blue Zones of the world, areas where a high proportion of the population live incredibly long; the island currently has the highest concentration of centenarians in the world.  One of the secrets of the Sardinian population's longevity is definitely due to the high quality of the spontaneous production of this extraordinary area free of pollution, where the sun, the sea and the wind are additional ingredients and essential to what nature provides generously.  By virtue of this, Pure Sardinia offers handcrafted products without chasing after the rules dictated by industry. The products are unique and have a strong identity.