Frida’s Limoncello



500 ml



Drinking recommendations:

-As a digestive, served ice-cold.

-Excellent for cocktails and desserts.

-Can also be used in making risotto and other dishes with lemons.

-Very pleasant on ice-creams, fruit salad.


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-Italian Limoncello with Biological Lemons from the Amalfi coast Naples.

-Initial preparation from the infusion of fresh lemon peel in alcohol.

-Produced only in glass containers (to avoid alteration of organoleptic characteristics).

-Alcohol by volume: 28 %.

-No colourants or preservatives added.


Tasting notes:

-Taste: Strong lemon scent, perfect harmony between alcohol and lemon aroma, sugar with persistent flavour of fresh lemon.

Perfume: Fresh fragrance of lemons.

Colour: Bright yellow.


Donna Frida

The artisan company "Donna Frida" was born in Padua from the initiative of Andrea and his mother Frida. The idea was to offer unique liqueurs using quality ingredients for the most demanding palates. The originality of the production is due to the fact that everything is handmade and handcrafted, just like in the past and without any use of colourings or artificial flavours,  or added chemistry and all gluten free. Thus the project has taken shape, by introducing the ancient and rigorously crafted way of producing the real taste of Lemon' Armonia Lemon cream liquor followed by Frida's Limoncello, Frida's Arancello, Frida's Coffee and the new born of 2019, La Liquirizia di Frida. Our goal is to produce liqueurs like once upon a time, with real ingredients and with ZERO chemistry.