Fruit Compote with Pears and Cocoa



220 gr


Ingredients: Pears, cane sugar, cocoa, lemon juice.

Use and pairing: Very good to accompany a rich and energetic breakfast, as a snack for children or to be used in the preparation of cakes and pies.

Fruit used: 116 g per 100 g *

Format: 220 g glass jar

* The quantities of fruit may vary according to the production lot


The pear and cocoa compote is a tasty compote that combines the flavor of pear with that of cocoa, satisfying the palate of the sweet tooth. The pear and cocoa compote is produced using only natural ingredients, without the addition of preservatives or additives. To make it, only the best fresh seasonal fruit from our orchard is used.



Florale is a small family business that was born in the 1960s in Nebbiuno, from grandfather Enrico's passion for fruit. Different varieties of apples are grown on the farm, along with an old local variety of pears and kiwis. In the orchard, organic products with low environmental impact are used, the orchards are grassed and weeding is not practiced. The fruit produced, in addition to being sold as fresh, is also transformed into jams, compotes and juices to which neither dyes, thickeners nor preservatives are added. The transformation takes place in the laboratory of the Blu Frutti Association, following a process that involves vacuum processing, low temperatures, a short cycle and subsequent pasteurisation: the product obtained, therefore, preserves the organoleptic characteristics and the colour of the fresh fruit almost intact. The Blu Frutti Association of which Florale is a member, gathers the producers of small fruits and fruit and vegetable growers from the provinces of VCO and Novara. Associates must follow production specifications, thus guaranteeing high quality standards.