Honeydew Honey



400 g



A very dark, amber coloured honey. Its rich aromas and flavours go well with cheese just as the various types of Pecorino present on the national territory. Its mineral-rich composition makes it an invigorating and toning product.

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Organoleptic Aspects

It remains liquid for a long time, it may become turbid due to the presence of crystals but it hardly crystallises completely.

Visual Examination

Colour from dark amber to brick, almost black.

Olfactory Examination

Medium intensity smell and characteristic, very rich: balsamic, wood, resin, smoked and dull fireplace or burnt wood, wet dry leaves, also with references to animal connotations; also fruity, with fragrances of caramel, malt, dried apricots.

Taste Examination

Slightly sweet, slightly to reasonably sour. Smell reminiscent of syrup and dates or panna cotta, fig jam, slightly savoury. Quite persistent.



Giorgio Poeta

We are in the Marche region, in Fabriano, one of the oldest cities in Italy. Giorgio Poeta is a thirty-five year old with a degree in Agriculture taken at the University of Ancona and is the owner of a small honey laboratory with a very specific mission: to implement practices that can improve and lengthen the life of bees as well as raise the quality of his products. The philosophy of Giorgio Poeta and his way of working are based on three crucial points: quality of the environment, well-being of the bees and respect for tradition. A practice based on the habits of the past but with an imprint of innovation that leads to an ecosystem that is healthy for everyone and in which the bees are respected and happy.