Magnetika – Moka for Induction Hobs – 6 Cups



6 Cups

The Italian Coffee Maker

Moka pot for induction hob with a classic design created for making coffee according to original Italian tradition.

High quality materials and attention to details, such as the anti-limescale valve, anti-drip spout and micro-perforated laser cut filter are all combined elements which confirm an all time classic as the Queen of coffee breaks.

Also available in: 3 CUPS



1. New anti-limescale valve

   For perfect safe functioning even with hard water.

2. Anti-drip spout

   Avoids dripping when pouring, keeping the moka pot clean.

3. Micro-perforated laser cut filter plate

   Guarantees improved extraction of the coffee aromas, without creating an increase in       pressure of the boiler, even with finely ground coffee.

4. Boiler in bimetal
Guarantees perfect functioning on any induction hob, whilst maintaining
the benefit of a richer coffee aroma.

Technical Features

  • Materials: aluminium, stainless steel and nylon6
  • Equipped with anti-limescale and anti-drip spout
  • Micro-perforated laser cut filter plate in stainless steel
  • Boiler in bimetal in aluminium (internal) and in stainless steel (external)
  • Coffee maker designed according to strict European standards: EN 13248 for safe functioning, performance and materials.
  • Created using materials suitable for contact with food and drink and therefore in compliance with national and international laws (D.M. 1973. D.M. n° 76 of 18/04/2007. D.L. n° 29 of 10/02/2017. CE 1935/2004 regulation. F.D.A. 21cfr1771210
  • Built with construction technologies and methodologies to satisfy CE 2024/2006 regulation. The production chain is traceable through the serial number indelibly printed on each individual coffee maker
  • Wash by hand only