Millefiori Honey



500 g



This honey is characterized by the prevailing aromas of thyme and lavender. Each year it is different in both colour and taste, but it is always very pleasant and fresh. Its scent is reminiscent of the mountains in bloom, with its rocks, peaks, and snow. This honey is indicated for the treatment of lung, intestinal and urinary infections.


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Millefiori is a special honey, because it comes from various geographical areas such as the hills, mountains, and lowlands, where you can find a multitude of different flora.

Due to its special properties absorbed from the various types of flora, this honey has a unique taste and aroma that are particular to each area from which it comes.

Millefiori has a higher nutritional content in comparison to other honeys and is rich in various pollens.



Apicoltura Pitarresi

 In 1990, the company was founded from the passion for observing bees, which had been conducted for many years on a non-professional level. Nomadic beekeeping means that a wide area of nature can be covered, allowing the production of different qualities of honey such as acacia, millefiori, chestnut and linden. The Pitarresi company also produces propolis and a certain amount of royal jelly and pollen.