Noisella Gianduja Cream Spread-100 gr



100 g



Gentile round hazelnuts from Monferrato  (55%), sugar, skim MILK * powder, cocoa

Gluten free.


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Hazelnut cream spread obtained exclusively from gentile round three-lobed hazelnuts from Monferrato (55%), with sugar and without any type of added fat or oil and without preservatives, colourants or additives. In the Dark version with the addition of cocoa only, in the Gianduja version with the addition of Piedmont milk.



The historical memory of "i Bo" dates back to 1601 when among the most recurrent names in the municipality of Carentino (province of Alessandria - Piedmont) in the locality "i Bo", there was the name "Rubens", which in 1681 was transformed into "R0ssi". The Rossi family, which became the owner of the "i Bo" farmhouse, specialised in viticulture in the 70s, dispersing the vineyards for traditional agriculture. With the generational leap, it was decided to return to our roots of organic farming, hence the message "Back to Nature", which tells the essence of the company with the logo.