Ramasin (Wild Plum)



50 cl



Fruit liqueur obtained from the infusion of plum, called in Piedmontese “ramasin”.

Alcohol content: 30% vol.

Ingredients: Water, alcohol, herbal infusion, sugar, ramasin (plums).


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This liqueur distinguishes itself thanks to its delicate aroma and fruity taste with an enticing fragrance and intensity.
A pleasant digestive liqueur, it can be served cool or at room temperature.


La Spiritosa

La Spiritosa is a new name, quite fanciful for a handicraft laboratory, born from determination and passion. The laboratory is situated in Monterosso Grana, in the homonymous valley in the province of Cuneo, already famous for its Castelmagno cheese and biological cultivation of small fruits. In fact, it is from this cultivation that we obtain the ingredients for the preparation of our liqueurs. The method followed is that of cold maceration, which exalts the colour, scent and the taste to its maximum, maintaining the naturalness and resulting in a quality product. The laboratory has a limited and selected production of liqueurs based on various herbs (arquebuse, serpol and genepy) and fruits (blueberry and wild plum). Our liqueurs are pleasant for every occasion and especially delightful after a meal.