Stachys Honey



400 g



Stachys honey derives from the processing of the bees nectar of Stachys Officinalis indicated as an ingredient for making black or rooibos or oolong tea.


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Its peculiarities make it an excellent tasting honey.


It crystallizes slowly after about 3 months of harvest, however the presence of extremely refined crystals makes it a creamy rather than solid.

Visual Examination

From white to very light amber color, in the crystallization of cooked cream color.


Olfactory Examination

Highly intense smell, with herbaceous traces.


Taste Examination

Intense and very particular taste, albeit delicate. The sweetness is accentuated by the pasty texture which gives way to distinct and acute references to wild fields blooming pink and purple colors. Quite persistent.


Giorgio Poeta

We are in the Marche region, in Fabriano, one of the oldest cities in Italy. Giorgio Poeta is a thirty-five year old with a degree in Agriculture taken at the University of Ancona and is the owner of a small honey laboratory with a very specific mission: to implement practices that can improve and lengthen the life of bees as well as raise the quality of his products. The philosophy of Giorgio Poeta and his way of working are based on three crucial points: quality of the environment, well-being of the bees and respect for tradition. A practice based on the habits of the past but with an imprint of innovation that leads to an ecosystem that is healthy for everyone and in which the bees are respected and happy.