Sunflower Honey



250 g



Very characteristic in colour, with a bright yellow hue: when liquid, the honey is amber with yellow hues, while when it crystallizes it takes on an intense cream color. Intense and sweet flavour, sometimes fruity.

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It spontaneously crystallizes quickly and with variable results, depending on water content and conditions, but almost always with crystals that are difficult to dissolve given the high glucose content.

Visual Examination

Very characteristic color, with bright yellow tones: liquid honey is amber in color with yellow shades, while when it crystallizes it takes on an intense cream colour.

Olfactory Examination

Medium intensity smell, rich in references of pollen and wax, leaves and damp, oily straw, reminiscent of a preserve of green tomatoes or apricots.

Taste Examination

Intense and sweet taste, characteristic as it confirms the many olfactory perceptions, sometimes fruity. Slightly to fairly persistent.


Giorgio Poeta

We are in the Marche region, in Fabriano, one of the oldest cities in Italy. Giorgio Poeta is a thirty-five year old with a degree in Agriculture taken at the University of Ancona and is the owner of a small honey laboratory with a very specific mission: to implement practices that can improve and lengthen the life of bees as well as raise the quality of his products. The philosophy of Giorgio Poeta and his way of working are based on three crucial points: quality of the environment, well-being of the bees and respect for tradition. A practice based on the habits of the past but with an imprint of innovation that leads to an ecosystem that is healthy for everyone and in which the bees are respected and happy.