Typical Tuscan Soft Fluffy Biscuits with Blackberry Filling



500 g



We have created a variant of the traditional Prato biscuit, a softer, fluffy version, in order to distinguish our brand and offer a new product to the market with a vast assortment of different flavours.

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We believe in craftsmanship and keeping tradition alive by following the ancient artisan recipe and distinguishing our products from those generally found in the large retail outlets.


Pasticceria Fratelli Ciolini

Pasticceria Fratelli Ciolini was born in Tuscany three generations ago. The Ciolini bothers, Massimo and Roberto have revisited the traditional Tuscan biscuits and pastries, to offer something different to their customers, whilst maintaining the antique tradition. Their  "biscotti Di Prato" for example (the famous Cantucci with almonds), are complemented by their soft and fluffy version with lots of different fillings, such as blackberry, apricot, white chocolate and many more. The Ciolini brothers are constantly in search of new flavours for their customers, whilst paying particular attention to the quality of raw materials.