Zibibbo Grape Jam



230 g



Produced from the first fruits of Zibibbo grapes, harvested at the end of July on land overlooking the sea. Each berry is expertly taken care of and all seeds removed. Once cooked with sugar, a natural sweet jam is obtained according to the typical Pantelleria recipe.

Zibibbo grapes, sugar.


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Delicious for breakfast with toast, or for a sweet snack. It can also be used for tarts or “pasticciotti panteschi”. 



The company Kazzen was born in Pantelleria in 2004, Since then it has been dedicated to the manufacturing and conservation of the Pantelleria caper, strictly by hand. The idea of ​​building the workshop on an old family-owned land came to the eldest of the Ancona brothers, Fabrizio. It was a risky idea for those times and the financial resources of the three brothers (united by their love and dedication to their island). However, the three brothers Fabrizio, Alessandro, Massimo, each with their own activity began to dedicate their free time to Kazzen and to the realization of this "dream". The greatest gratification came in 2005 when at the expo of flavours they were awarded the "AWARD OF TASTE" for their "PESTO PANTESCO" .  From that moment they understood that Kazzen was now part of their life and that it could neither be a part-time occupation nor a hobby in their free time. Alessandro now works full time to promote their Pantelleria products with the collaboration of his wife Marilena and Mimma. In fact today, Kazzen can be defined as a "small family-run business" that follows the production of its own preserves from the collection of the raw materials and the packaging, and labeling, still made manually by the two female presences in the company, to the control of each single shipment. Over the years Kazzen has received many important awards for its products and from 30th July 2013, the company Kazzen S.r.l.  is regularly included in the list of IGP Caper packers of Pantelleria.Their laboratory has also obtained "BIOLOGICAL" certification.