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Coffee & Fine Italian Gastronomy – From the beginning

Our story began in 1986 in a tiny coffee shop called Bar Jolly, in a small town in Northern Italy. In 2018, many years later, we began to dream of the new idea of a shop online where we could promote small Italian artisans and sell their exquisite delicacies online, offering these same products in our local coffee shop. This would mean keeping up with the coming changes whilst remaining faithful to our customers, traditions and to the heart and locomotive of our passion for coffee. In 2019 we renewed our coffee shop, which today is still known as Bar Jolly, and our shop online called ellsey dolly was born.

We at ellsey dolly guarantee that everything you can find in our shop has been carefully selected for its quality and eco-sustainability. We are constantly searching to find and offer you only the best of Italian excellence.