About Us

ellsey dolly is the distribution brand name of a commercial platform for Italian fine food and beverage.  Above all, ellsey dolly puts particular focus on coffee and coffee pairings, introducing to people all around the world, timeless and exclusively Made in Italy traditional values and flavours.

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Why ellsey dolly?

Today we are evermore aware that quality food and beverage means that the raw materials are grown in places where the land is uncontaminated and far from a polluted environment. In Italy, many producers are now pursuing natural, healthy and nutritious cultivations for consumers. However, discovering these is not an easy task.

That is why ellsey dolly, a concept born from an anagram, nurtures the desire to help acquaint everyone around the world with the excellence of traditional, Italian fine food and beverage. Each product presented on ellsey dolly’s online shop has been carefully and personally selected for its natural and genuine flavour, which in turn tells the story of its origin and territory.

Our mission

Identifying fine food and beverage is an art that requires experience and commitment.

The goodness and quality of the finished product depend on many factors: the territory where the raw material is grown; the knowledge and skills of the producer acquired after many years of experience, often from generations of the past; the constant commitment of the producer to remain faithful to the traditional production processes without resorting to more comfortable and less expensive solutions.

For these very reasons, ellsey dolly is constantly dedicated to the research of Italian fine food and beverage, which all have these essential elements, for those who appreciate the goodness and genuine flavours of nature.

At the same time, ellsey dolly underlines the important aspects of the different territories in Italy where the raw materials come from, the stories of the producers, their recipes and anecdotes, that are all part of the deep rooted Italian culture and cuisine.

Our partners

ellsey dolly’s partners all have very important characteristics in common: they put lots of passion and love into their work. From the cultivation to the transformation of the raw materials into fine food and drink of great value.

Our partners attentively follow the teachings from the past, carefully making use of the traditional production processes all in respect of the environment. All of this know-how from yesterday combined with the latest technology of today mean creating unique products with the guarantee of unbeatable quality.